EUFF 2022 | NOV 17 - DEC 2 | Online until Dec 10

The Art of Storytelling:

A conversation about
the power of storytelling to reveal insights into the human experience

Following the film FEAR (directed by Ivaylo Hristov)

IN-PERSON: NOV 21 – 7:15PM

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The recent upheaval of millions of people in war-torn Ukraine, the protracted waiting of Afghan citizens in refugee camps, and the not long-ago refugee emergency of 2015 that saw hundreds of thousands of migrants make their way along the Balkan Route to northern and western Europe are harsh examples of the tragedy that can fall upon people. Yet to most of us, their experience seems worlds apart from our own. A film like Fear challenges us to see differently and to recognize that there is more that unites us than what brings us apart. 
Anna Triandafyllidou, a migration  expert, and Bernadette Klausberger, a filmmaker, will discuss how film can guide us beyond our typical ways of thinking and labeling, such as how we define who is a ‘migrant’, a ‘refugee’ or simply ‘the other’. They argue that art has the power to present the full complexity of the human experience, and, as in the case of Fear, light a pathway to a more inclusive world.

Anna Triandafyllidou holds the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Toronto Metropolitan University; Bernadette Klausberger is a media producer with Migration Matters, Berlin. Anna and Bernadette come from different backgrounds and perspectives, yet have united in successful film collaborations through their shared belief that art can carry forward difficult conversations about human migration.