Jak najdalej stąd

Directed by: Gábor Herendi

Film followed by Q&A with actor

Győző Szabó


Popular director Gábor Herendi (Kincsem, EUFF 2017) pulls out all the stops to realize the inner struggles of an actor in this redemption drama. Hungarian actor Győző Szabó’s memoir is the basis for this battle-of-the-wills two-hander. After accepting treatment for his heroin addiction, Szabó (Áron Molnár) meets Dr. Chernus (Bányai Kelemen Brown), whose intense and unconventional approach to recovery stirs something in the once rising star. “The script’s strongest aspect is the solid and rich portrayal of two personalities in opposition who, at the end of the day, turn out to be very much alike in their stubbornness to follow their own paths, whatever the consequences might be. The dynamic cinematography (Péter Szatmári), spiced up by animated images that literally transmit Győző´s stoned hallucinations, together with deft editing (István Király and Tomi Szabo), make Toxikoma a dark but smooth journey through personal crisis and behavioural patterns” (Mariana Hristova, Cineuropa).

Cast: Áron Molnár, Barna Bányai Kelemen, Fanni Csuja

124 min
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[Horák] matches each of the film’s periods to a different style: the 1960s to the Czech New Wave, the 1970s to normalization films, and the 1980s to documentary-like grainy footage. The stylisation enables a fine adjustment of dramatic effects”

(Martin Kudláč, Cineuropa).


  • Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 91st Academy Awards 2018
  • Golden Rose Festival of Bulgarian film: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Critics Gild Award and Audience Award
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